Young Mom

I grew up having a "young mom." At all the school functions, she was always the parent that seemed so much younger than those other parents. It's never been an issue for me. I've always felt I have a young mom.

This week I had a patient who had that same birthday as my mom...down to the day.

I was transporting her home after she was in the hospital from being in an MVA. This woman had bad knees and just had a hip replaced (because of the MVA). But, she did seem drastically older than my mother. She even had a mole with gray hair on her cheek. Now, the patient was almost 300 pounds, and a long-term smoker. I suspect this had a lot to do with the apparent age of the patient compared to my mother.

I suspect my mother has aged some..she is a certain age in my mind, no matter how old she becomes. I suspect it is the same phenomenon that makes me appear still as her little boy in her mind.

Having the young mom was ok then, but now that I am grown, I feel lucky having the young mom.


Blogger Mom said...

I'm so glad you can see the plus side of having a young Mom. As your wife can attest, it can be a mixed blessing. And although I can be refered to as "zoftic", I think reading this reminds me of the dangers of letting my weight get out of control. So back to resolutions.... drink more water, move more; at least a little.

Blogger Mom said...

Oops...... Mush brain. Make that zaftig. Although I prefer Rubenesque. It's much more artsy.

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