working holiday weekend

Well, I worked 4pm on 12/24 to 4am on 12/25. It was a slow night. But, of course, we get a call at 0330, causing me to get out of work a bit late. Luckily the kids were still asleep when I got home. The hard part was that I had to work again at 6pm that night.

Legos were the thing of the year for my boys. They both got Lego Ambulances...very cool. It's neat the details they put into these things. It was an O2 tank, strecher, carry-in bag, and monitor. The little Lego Medic is wearing some cool shades too.

The neat thing is that my sons (5 & 6yo) were able to follow the directions on their own and build many different things. It even beat out the Hot Wheels this year...never thought I'd see that so soon.

My wife and I also broke down and got something for us that we have been wanting to get for years. A new 32" TV. Our old 27" tv was 16 years old and the tuner would not go to all the channels anymore. It's so cool...buying something nice for us for once.


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