A card can mean so much

My service got a thank you card in the mail from the daughter of my first code. It is nice to get things like this from time-to-time. I need to remember to make a copy of the card and send it on to the Fire Engine crew who helped us.

Here is what the note within the card said,

"Thank you for saving my mom's life 11/14/05 in the early morning. After her heart attack, she remained at (Hospital's Name) ICU for 10 days and returned home on Thansgiving morning! We were so thankful!

God Bless you for your help!"

Thank you for the thank you...it really means a lot.


Blogger Andy said...

A card definitely goes a long way and helps you assure yourself you are doing the job, and gives you a reason to keep doing it. All to often we don't get the praise, keep up the good work, it means you are doing your job well and someone took notice.



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